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Recognition to innovative and effective projects by women to use ICTs for the promotion of gender equality and women's empowerment
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Outstanding Gender and ICT Projects

2005 Gender and ICT Award Winner and Runner-Ups

Creating a Difference

The 2005 GICT Awards focused on information and communication technology initiatives which promote women's economic empowerment and development in Asia Pacific. Economic empowerment was defined as the ability to overcome marginalisation and oppressive social norms, provide choices and opportunities for women, provide strong encouragement for women to fulfil their potential, and enable women to acquire the voice and capability to counter their lack of socio-economic-political power in the community. Emphasising this focus are three major criteria: the use of ICTs to promote women's economic empowerment and gender equality; upscaling of initiatives and community-centred technologies; and the promotion of cooperation and social networking.

The 2005 Gender and ICT Award Winner:
The Pallitathya Help-Line: Helping women help themselves
Seelampur Community Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Center: Building lives and business thorugh ICTs
eHomemakers Network of Malaysia: From homemakers to home business owners
The SCALA (Sharing Computer Access Locally and Abroad) Project, Philippines
Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises N Development (F.R.I.E.N.D), Fiji
Women's IT Professional Training Program, Republic of South Korea





The winners with Rinalia Abdul Rahim, Executive Director of the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) (first from left) and Chat Garcia Ramilo, Global Coordinator of the APC WNSP. The award ceremony was held during the 10th AWID International Forum on Women's Rights and Development on 27 October 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand.


Download winner and runners-up profiles: "Gender and ICT Awards: Creating a Difference". (PDF file, 251 KB)